+Anonymous: Are you taking requests lovely?

Of course :) I’ll write and post them tomorrow :)

5SOS Preference : He Sneaks Into Your Room


Requested : Yes

Calum: It was the middle of the night when you woke up from a terrible nightmare and you searched the room for someone else’s comfort and frowned when you found none. “Calum.” you whined out and took out your phone and began to text him, asking if he could come over. ‘Your dad’s…

One Direction Preference : He Sees Your Child Dancing At His Show


Zayn: The boys had just started to sing ‘Kiss You’ when Zayn let his gaze travel to side stage where you stood with your four year old son and the both of you were dancing like idiots. Zayn smiled at the sight and you caught his gaze at that time and blushed. Your son however, didn’t mind his…




5 seconds of summer feat. last names

+bandprefsandstuff: I request a lot of stuff and if that's too much or something, please don't hesitate to tell me. I just really love the way you write so I like to request but lemme know if I am requesting too much or something x

Oh you are doing just fine! I welcome it! You’d never big me baby girl, trust me :)

5SOS Preference : He's Your Best Friend's Brother And He Gets You Pregnant


Luke: “She’s going to hate me!” you scream into a pillow and Luke just stands at the doorway to your bedroom staring over at you. “She won’t hate you. You guys have been best friends since before you started school.” You rolled over to face him. “Luke, she may have the thought that i kinda like…

Little Mix SSM: You're interested/dating a 5sos member


Requested : Yes

Perrie: When you tagged along with her to go see Zayn and the rest of One Direction in concert, you were the most excited to see the opening act, 5 Seconds Of Summer, actually you mostly just wanted to see Michael, he made your heart flutter like no other boy could ever do. When…

Little Mix Preference SSM : She Helps You Get With One Of the One Direction Boys


SSM : Sister Sister Moment/She’s Your Sister

Jade: “Which one appeals to you, (YN)?” she asked as you guys sat side stage during the One Direction show. “Do you really even need me to answer that one, Jade, you know which one i’m all crazy about. I’m just too shy to talk to him.” Jade laughed….

5SOS Preference : Wedding Day


Michael: The sun was just now setting as you got out of the limousine, your dad in front of you, blocking you from Michael’s view. “Are you ready for this?” he asked you and you nodded and your father stepped to the side so that everyone could get a good look at you. You looked up just in time to…

5SOS BSM Preference: He sees a 1D boy getting too close to you (Requested)


Ashton: “Anyone seen, (YN), around here? I haven’t seen her since before practice?” Ashton calls out and Michael and Calum just laugh, earning a death glare from him. “What do you guys know about my sister?” “Turn around.” Was all Calum said and as Ashton did so, he severely wished that he hadn’t,…


Imagine making Ashton speechless as he sees you for the first time

"She’s beautiful." he muttered, breathless and when you smiled at him, he knew he was done. "I’ve got to meet her. I think i’ve just met the rest of my life."

5SOS #14 He Holds Your Baby For First Time


Michael: His eyes found his daughter’s and right away he knew he had a special connection with her. “Hi there baby girl, i’m your daddy!” You smiled from your bed. “She looks like you, Michael!” He nodded as he continued to look at his beautiful creation. “Yeah, she’s so beautiful, i still have a…

5SOS BSM : He Finds Out You're Dating A One Direction Member (Requested)


Luke: “Who are you texting, (YN)?” Luke asked, trying to peer over your shoulder at your phone in which you were furiously typing at. “(YN)?” “No one.” you spit out, moving away from your brother who just moved closer. “(YN)?” he said slower this time and reaching out and managing to take your…



Harry accidentally hitting Zayn in the face and then joking about it :D

Zayn looks like he’s ready to kill a bitch if he has to, but then he see’s its Harry and its all giggles and rainbows from there. 

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