I want to do a new imagine series thing. Send me ideas?


I’m still gonna work on The Tour Assistant and Losing My Best Friend for Calum. Send me ideas for the other boys!!

5SOS Preference: You Catch Him Talking To The Baby

Ashton: “When mommy said you were in her belly the first time, i couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t seem real. Like how could two people possible be able to bring a new life into the world? Baby boy, you have no idea, but you will someday. Someday far away though, don’t you be making your mommy and me have any grandbabies anytime soon, so not ready for that.” He stopped talking and just stared down at his son who was staring right back at him, eyes that matched his own. “Ashton, are you coming back to bed?” you asked from the doorway, a small smile on your face as you saw your two men together again. Ashton blushed and put your son back down into his crib and took your hand. “Sorry, i just wanted to talk to him again.” You giggled and leant up to kiss his cheek. “It’s alright, Ash, anytime you want to talk to your son, you talk to him. It’ll be good for him and i love catching you talking to him too, it’s cute.”

Luke: He sat on the opposite side of the crib, his arm hanging loosely over the rail. The baby girl kept reaching up to play with the fingers that dangled over onto her side, laughing her adorable baby laugh everytime Luke would wiggle his fingers. “The simplest things entertain you baby girl.” He laughed himself and his daughter stopped laughing. “What? Daddy can’t talk to you or else you’ll stop laughing or whatever it was you were doing?” The baby girl giggled again and Luke shook his head. “You’re so much like you’re mommy, sweetie. It’s weird, but good. Makes her happy since you look just like daddy and nothing like her. You made my day by that, but you also got me another slap to the back of the head. It was worth it though, hunny, you make everything worth it nowadays. It’s your naptime though and your mommy is here now to whisk me away for you to sleep. Talk to you later baby girl.” He kissed her forehead and took your hand, leading you out of the room. “There the whole time?” he asked and you giggled. “Always.”

Calum: “You made it so that mommy broke daddy’s hand, little girl!” Calum eyed the baby who was propped up against his knees. “My hand still hurts, but you should know, i wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re here now and that’s all that matters. Your mommy and i love you so much, your uncles love you and now the fans love you. Everyone just loves you, and how could they not? You’re so perfect. You really are, i mean you are my daughter, so that just makes you perfect right there. No boys ever, i swear to god no boys, they won’t like me anyways. Mommy says you can date whenever you’re ready but i say differently and you’ll listen to me i hope, i’ll just bribe you with tickets to see whoever your favorite musician is then. I’m saying all these big words and you don’t understand a thing i say. Hmm.” “Calum, she’s a week old, not 18 years.” Calum laughed at you. “Come sit down and let’s have a family chat, (YN), the baby is listening intently.”

Michael: “What are you trying to get to?” He asked the scooting baby boy as he kept scooching around the room eventually crawling to get what he wanted. “Little dude, where do you think you’re going?” Your son eventually stopped in front of a magazine which had a picture of a dog on it. He patted it intently and Michael saw. “Do you want a puppy little man? Will a puppy make everything better?” Your son clapped his hands and Michael sighed. “We should talk to mommy about this little dude.” Your son pouted and Michael’s eyes widened as he realized his son was about to cry. “Okay okay little dude, we still need to talk to your mommy but i think we should be able to get a puppy. Damn, i’m getting manipulated by a nine month old baby!” “And who’s the man of the house?” you asked with a smile and Michael shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, i’m starting to think it’s not me, but about that puppy?” “Let’s go get one.”

I want to do a new imagine series thing. Send me ideas?

I’m still gonna work on The Tour Assistant and Losing My Best Friend for Calum. Send me ideas for the other boys!!

5SOS Preference: He Lets You Be The First To Hear The New Album/Song

Ashton: “Got a surprise for you!” he started off and you sighed as he had just used that trick on you last night and you fell for it. As if reading your mind, he put his hands up in defense. “I’m not tricking you this time, i swear it!” “Pinky promise?” you tried holding out your pinky for him. He chuckled but nodded. “Okay, with a pinky promise it is sealed and i will not trick you. Seriously though, i think you’ll like this.” He sits down next to you and wraps his arms around you while placing headphones into your ears. He focuses back on the ipod in his hands and pushes play. The music that fills your ears, you’d never heard it before. It was amazing though, quite beautiful, it was… It was Ashton singing. You let the song play out before you removed the headphones and gave him the most loving look you’d ever given him before. “Ashton, what was that?” He blushed. “The guys talked me into singing a bit more on this song and well, i wanted you to be the first to hear it. Not even myself or the boys have heard it yet.” “I’m the first?” He kissed your nose. “The very first.”

Luke: “Are you excited for the new album to come out, Luke?” you asked as you laid on your stomach with your feet in the air behind you, kicking at nothing. Smiling, he nodded as he strummed at his guitar before putting it down beside him. “Yeah. You think you wanna hear it or do you want to wait until it comes out like i did last time?” You sat up and crossed your legs. “That’s up to you Luke. I’ll listen to it if you want me to, but if you want it to be a surprise, well, i’ll wait to listen to it. Whatever you want, i’ll go with.” He thought about it for only a second before nodding and heading over to your stereo system, placing a simple disc inside. “Don’t you record any of this. We don’t want to leak this one on accident as well.” You put your hands up in surrender. “You have my word, no recording.” Nodding he turned it on and let the music bounce off of the walls around you. The new sound hit you and you had to give Luke a double take to which he turned the music off. “You don’t like it?” “Luke, i love it. You guys sound different, but amazing. It’s truly amazing to see how much you guys have grown with just one album.”

Calum: Coming home from a day out with friends, you entered your home expecting your husband to be running around the house chasing your three year old son, Branson, but he wasn’t. Instead you heard a soft sound that was unfamiliar to your ears, yet it was still relaxing to hear. “Calum?” you walked in. “What am i listening to?” He walked around the corner and met you with a warm smile. “Do you like it?” Smiling back at him, you nodded. “Yeah, sounds nice. Sounds like you guys to be quite honest.” He chuckled. “It is us. It’s from the new album. And you, my dear, are the first person besides us to hear it and i have to ask you, do you really like it? Branson liked it so much he fell asleep during the first song, so he didn’t get to really hear it i don’t think.” You smiled and worked your way into Calum’s warm hold. “I love it and i feel honored to be the first fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, besides our sleeping son who apparently doesn’t count cause he didn’t really listen to it, to hear it. It sounds amazing and i can’t wait for the album to be released.” “Are you going to buy a copy?” He began a slow dance with you to match the beat of the song currently playing and you nodded. “As many copies as i can get into my hands.”

Michael: “(YN), i need you to listen to something for me!” Michael yelled from the studio in the basement. Sighing you put your phone down and made your way to where your fiance sat in the middle of the room, his guitar laying on his lap and music sheets surrounding him. It looked like he was in the middle of a passing tornado. “Um, Michael? What did you do?” He smiled wide and you knew he was up to something, something good that was for sure, but still it was a little weird to see the room in the state it was in. “Listen!” he repeated and started to play the guitar while selecting a drum solo which you could only imagine belonged to Ashton and he started to sing along loudly. Not softly like everyone was used to, but loud and gruff sounding and you had to admit, it drove you crazy. You loved when he sang that way. When he finished you greeted him with a kiss. “You need to sing like that more often Michael?” “I do, yeah?” “Yeah! Very much so.” “Good, cause on the new album, this song’s on there and i get most of the vocals.” “Do you sing that way the entire song?” He nodded and you kissed him again. “Am i the first to hear this song?” “Obviously, (YN), i just wrote the song an hour ago.” He laughed and you shook your head. “It’s still amazing, Mikey!”

The Tour Assistant a Calum Hood Imagine Part 4

*sorry it’s short, but yeah, the next part will be way longer. It’s a short little filler chapter/part thing. Enjoy!”

Today was the last day of the tour which meant that next week, you’d be leaving the boys for a week. You were excited, nervous, scared and so much more all at once and you didn’t know what you should do or think.
"You’re scared." Calum said as you looked over your fully packed luggage again. Sighing, you fell back onto the bed next to Calum and put your hands over your face.
"I’m going to make myself look like an idiot in front of my idols, Calum. I just know i am."
Calum sat up, bringing you with him and holding you close to his side. “You’re not going to make yourself look like an idiot. You’re going to do so amazing that they’re going to wish they got to keep you forvever.”
"You think so?" you ask in a whisper and he chuckled. "I’ve learned over the past few weeks not to lie to you. You’ve got my complete faith and trust."
He kissed the top of your head and laid you back down for your last night together for a week.
*In The Morning*
"You have to go already?" a muffled Calum spoke to you as you finished getting dressed and ready to get out the door.
"Yeah. My flight leaves in just over an hour. I’ve got to go." He sat up and rubbed at his eyes. "Calum, go back to sleep. I’ll call you when i land, don’t be awake quite yet. Sleep!" you tried to demand him but he wasn’t having it.
"No way, (YN). I wanted to tell you a few things before you actually left for your trip."
"What’s that?"
"One, i love you. Two, you’re going to do great. They’re going to absolutely love and adore you and want to keep you forever. Three, keep me updated, call me a few times a day. I might be able to relax then. And lastly but not leastly, i love you and i’m truly sorry for being an ass before."
You shook your head as he kissed your forehead, a knock at the door pulling you apart. “You might’ve been an ass Calum, but you’re my ass. And, i love you too and i promise to call every chance i can. Tell the boys goodbye for me, will you? Or maybe i’ll skype when i land or…”
"(YN)." Calum put a finger to your lips and you blushed at the contact. "You’re going to miss your flight. Don’t worry about the boys. We have our own flight to catch. You do what you have to do and we’ll do what we have to do, okay? Be safe."
"I will. You be safe as well, i don’t want any bad calls while i’m away, alright? You all behave or i’ll just have to kick your asses when i get back!"
"Is that a promise?" He smirked and so did you. "Only if you misbehave it will be."
"I’ll hold you to that."
"You do that Calum. I’ll talk to you later.
"Good luck!" he hollered after you and sighed when you shut the door. "I really do love that girl."



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Not taking any chances

I scrolled past this and the guilt was too much

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And it’s official. I have to marry Michael Clifford! My mom says he’s creepy looking so now I have to marry him and keep bringing him around my family and telling my mom that I just married the sexiest man on the planet πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Luke’s just so done lol

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Lookie at what I’ve got!!!! :)

I hate how I can never stick to writing just one story at a time. Just started writing another story haha, you guys want me to share a bit of it with you? 😊

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by good taste in music i mean my taste in music

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Kingsley does it better than everyone.

those are Monchele haters.

Kingsley speaks the motherfucking truth.

This applies to the RT Fandom and how they’ve treated RT/AH Staff and their partners.

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I hate how I can never stick to writing just one story at a time. Just started writing another story haha, you guys want me to share a bit of it with you? 😊