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Muke Be Like
michael: fuck you luke
luke: haha ok mikey
person: fuck you lu-
michael: *tackles them to the ground* NO! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!
luke: thanks mikey
michael: god! fuck off luke!



Met this awesome persona few days ago along with another lovely person



This touched me so hard


This touched me so hard

cryingbecausecharactersandbands asked:
ok so i just imagine lashton being the sweet parents who'll let you sleep when the newborns wake up and scream and they'll take the itty bitty bottle that you pumped and just sit in the nursery and rock them and cradle them until they fell back to sleep and awww
5seconds-of-nialler replied:

5SOS Preference: You Surprise Him During A Concert ↣


Michael: Just two songs into the concert you were all giddy backstage as you had successfully slipped around your boyfriend all day in your effort to surprise him with some news you had, and you were going to tell him while he was on stage. The second song finished and you walked out and the crowd…

5SOS Preference: Their Kids ↣


Michael: His daugher would have him wrapped around her little finger. She wanted to dye her hair at only six years old and Michael would be only too happy to go ahead and ‘dye’ it for her making sure that it wasn’t permanent or else you’d have his head on a silver platter.

Calum: His son would be…


Transparent babies haha :D


Transparent babies haha :D

Without even knowing it, damn Luke Hemmings has decided he was going to come into my life with force and make sure i have constant feels 24/7 for him!! Damn it Hemmings! :)

So this just happened in my house

*me reading smut*

brother: Bre

me: huh

mom: she didn’t hear, she’s on drugs

uh close enough lol

Anonymous asked:
Can I ask you say something

i guess so

bandprefsandstuff asked:
your blog is one of my favorite blogs everrr ily

Aww thank ya :)

I think i need help, I’ve been reading smut the past few hours haha

5SOS Preference : He Misses His Mom ↣


Luke: He sighed heavily, dropping his guitar and just laying back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. You sighed, knowing what he was going through. “Luke, you okay?” He shook his head and wiped at a tear you didn’t notice. “It’s nothing.” His voice was all shaky and you knew he was close to…

5SOS Preference : His Stubble *Requested* ↣


Ashton: You stroked his face and grinned, earning a confused look from him. “What?” “Nothing.” You softly say and he reaches up and puts a hand on top of yours. “There’s somthing, (YN).” Knowing he had you, you smiled wider. “Your stubble, Ash, it’s sexy and scratchy. I really like it.” He…

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